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Transaction Structuring & Advisory

RBSA’s Transaction Structuring Advisory assists clients to achieve their strategic goals by effective Mergers & Acquisitions or through other commercial and strategic arrangements. We help identify appropriate buyers/ sellers and generate the best value for our client.

Our in-depth industry knowledge& market outreach empowers us to identify other businesses that offer our Clients a strategic fit and assist them with desired acquisitions, mergers and/ or alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage.

RBSA’s dedicated and expert structuring team advises on drafting the optimal deal structure. This team provides solutions to support a broad range of transactions, including acquisitions, disinvestments, IPOs, PFI / PPP bids, group reorganizations, financial restructurings and strategic alliances.

We advise on formulations of transactions like:

  • A Merger or Demerger
  • Investment or Disinvestment
  • Spin off / Split off
  • Refinancing / Securitization
  • Group Re-Organization
  • Cross Border M&A

Our services provide rapid diagnosis of the transaction objective and principal issues that will ultimately determine the appropriate structure/ route to be followed. We present clients with alternative feasible routes for achieving thedesired objective, keeping in viewAccounting, Tax, Legal and Shareholder considerations. This initial feasibility review will be followed by detailed analysis to confirm the preferred solution, and we will provide ongoing support through the implementation and completion stage.

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