Technical Opinion and Audit

Techno Economic Viability (TEV) / Feasibility Study services are required by Banks / Financial Institutions to understand the risks inherent in any financing / investments in various green field or expansion projects. The feasibility study includes the review of technical as well as the financial aspects of a project. The purpose of this study is to aid the sanctioning authority to arrive at an informed judgment as regards acceptability of the project for lending (or investment) purpose. We render following services:

RBSA Advisors - Business opportunity scanning


Business opportunity scanning

RBSA Advisors - Market research


Market research

RBSA Advisors - Technical and financial feasibility


Technical and financial feasibility

RBSA Advisors - Project cost estimation


Project cost estimation

RBSA Advisors - Operating cost estimation


Operating cost estimation

RBSA Advisors - Resource requirement

Resource requirement



RBSA Advisors - Vinod Nair 1
RBSA Advisors - Deepak Dadhich

More Services


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