RBSA Advisors We are a Registered Valuer Entity, a Recognized Insolvency Professional Entity and a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banking Firm


RBSA is a leading, independent and full-service Valuation Firm. We are the largest homegrown Valuation Firm in India.

We are an internationally recognized and respected brand with a leadership position in Valuation consulting. Over past 5 decades, we have provided Valuation services in over 30+ countries and have trusted affiliates across the globe to provide seamless services.

We are dedicated to the goal of providing professional, ethical and high-quality consultancy and Valuation services. With our multidisciplinary expertise across various industry segments, we bring clarity to difficult and complex situations and consistently deliver high-class solution to our clients.


RBSA Valuation Advisors LLP is a Registered Valuer Entity (“RVE”) for all the three categories of assets viz a) Land & Building b) Plant & Machinery c) Securities or Financial Assets




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