RBSA Advisors We are a Registered Valuer Entity, a Recognized Insolvency Professional Entity and a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banking Firm

Valuation under Insolvency & Bankruptcy code

Valuation of assets is a key factor for an “informed decision making” under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). A key objective is to be transparent and have credible determination of value of the assets to facilitate comparison and informed decision making by the committee of creditors.


RBSA Valuation Advisors LLP is a Registered Valuer Entity (“RVE”) for all the three categories of assets viz a) Land & Building b) Plant & Machinery c) Securities or Financial Assets having registration number – IBBI/RV-E/05/2019/110


RBSA is a sector agnostic Valuation firm and holds leadership position in valuation of real estate, plant & machinery and all type of industrial assets. RBSA has extensive experience in valuation of assets under IBC. RBSA has acted as valuer in more than 90% of the initial top 12 companies which contributed to almost 25% of the NPA’s of PSU Banks of India, identified to be taken through IBC route by Reserve Bank of India.

Purchase Price Allocation

Purchase Price Allocation/ Business Combinations

Financial reporting

Financial reporting under Ind AS, IFRS or US GAAP


Joint-venture negotiations


Licensing and Franchising



Impairment assessment

Impairment assessment

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing /Taxation

Internal Assessments

Internal Assessments


Rajeev R Shah | CEO and Managing Director
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