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Lenders are facing several challenges for timely resolution of the stressed assets. They are not only required to ensure that all the requisite rules, regulations and guidelines are followed, but also see that the processes runs in an open and transparent manner. This is essential to protect the lenders from possible questions/ queries at a later stage. The resolution may entail One Time Settlement/ Compromise Settlement, Bringing of Strategic/ Financial investors on board, who are willing to infuse funds and revive the Corporate Debtor or Business/ Financial Restructuring of the facilities granted to the Corporate Debtor.


Swiss challenge is one of the methods, whereby the right value is discovered through an open process and has the comfort of the availability of the anchor bidder with the Right of First Refusal (ROFR). This ensures that the effort leads to solution, with anchor bidders available as backup. RBSA’s expert team renders assistance to the lenders so as to ensure that the processes are run in a professional, transparent, efficient and effective manner and the stressed assets are resolved timely.



RBSA Advisors - Mitali Shah

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