Technical Due Diligence Reviews for Mergers & Acquisition

Capital investment and strategic alliance activity are critical to successful commercialization. Investors are always looking for the next great start-up opportunity, start-ups are always hungry for more capital to fuel growth, and all companies, large and small, must seek out potential partnerships and alliances. Successful investments and alliances can bring great rewards to all parties but hidden issues and risks can quickly turn a success into a mess. If you are planning to invest in a new business, enter a commercial arrangement with a new strategic partner, or raise capital to fund your initiative, then let us help you ensure the deal delivers the success it promises.


Our highly experienced team can help you reduce risk, identify potential opportunities, and maximize your position to improve deal outcomes and return on investment.

RBSA Advisors - Business model design


Business Model Design

RBSA Advisors - Technology and intellectual property


Technology and Intellectual Property

RBSA Advisors - Market assessment and market strategy


Market Assessment and Market Strategy

RBSA Advisors - Feasibility studies 1


Feasibility Studies

RBSA Advisors - Financial modeling 2


Financial Modeling

RBSA Advisors - Complete due diligence

Complete Due Diligence of the Subject Asset



RBSA Advisors - Vinod Nair 1
RBSA Advisors - Deepak Dadhich

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