Investment Adviser
RBSA Advisors, founded in 1971, is a leading
independent Transaction Advisory firm having 9
offices across India, Singapore and Middle East
Investment Adviser firm New Layer RBSA has been consistently ranked amongst the top 5 M&A Advisory Firms by both MergerMarket and Venture Intelligence Financial Planner services New Layer We are a firm with a Global reach and have worked with Clients across more than 30 Countries providing them with seamless advisory services across the world Investment & Financial Consultant New Layer We serve Domestic & Multi-National Corporates, Government & Regulators, Domestic & International Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Equity Funds

Our Journey

The Journey of RBSA Advisors commenced in 1971.

In March 2021, we celebrated our Golden Jubilee.


RBSA Advisors is a leading independent Transaction Advisory firm with service offerings including Valuation, Investment Banking, Restructuring, Transaction Services, Transaction Tax, Risk Advisory and Litigation Support services.

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Internationally recognized & reputed brand with a leadership position in Valuation Advisory.

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Investment Banking

A SEBI Registered Category I Merchant Bank focused on fund raising, M&A & Fairness Opinion.

RBSA Advisors - Restructuring


Insolvency, Restructuring & Turnaround practice dedicated to both IBC & Outside IBC resolutions.

RBSA Advisors - Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Financial Due Diligence Advisory for both investment and divestment initiatives.

RBSA Advisors - Transaction

Transaction Tax

Transactions Tax Advisory for M&A, PE Deals, Distress Debt Resolution & Succession Planning

RBSA Advisors - Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Assessment of Credit Risk associated with Corporate borrowers on behalf of banks/institutions

RBSA Advisors - Dispute Litigation

Dispute & Litigation

Valuation & assessment of Damages in dispute, arbitration, and litigation situations.


Our marquee engagements


RBSA Advisor’s Team of Technical Experts publish research reports, create analytical tools and other content to help our clients review the emerging trends, regulations, competition and other factors pertinent to their industries.


RBSA Advisor’s views & opinions are followed and captured across spectrum of media.

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RBSA Advisors is proud to have acted as Valuation Advisor to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for Valuing its fleet of Satellites

11th May 2023

RBSA Advisors - 01 Home 2 December 2022

RCap liquidation value set at Rs 13,000cr

RBSA Advisors - TimesOI

2nd December 2022

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Experts raise several red flags around section 194R of the Income Tax Act
RBSA Advisors - Business Standard

31st August 2022

RBSA Advisors - 01 Home 18 August

Tele-consulting platforms, e-pharmacies hit by tepid demand as pandemic boost wears off

RBSA Advisors - Money Control

28th July 2022

RBSA Advisors - 02 Home 18 August

Is Monsoon a bummer for the EV revolution?

RBSA Advisors - TimesOI

18th July 2022

RBSA Advisors - 03 Home 18 August

Vedanta acquires debt ridden Athena Chhattisgarh Power for Rs 565 cr

RBSA Advisors - Business Standard

8th July 2022

League Table Rankings

Consistently ranked among the top 5 M&A advisory firms by Bloomberg, MergerMarket & Venture Intelligence.

League Table - Venture Intell
League Table 2022 - Merger Market

Global Alliances

We have worked with Clients across more than 30 Countries. We have trusted affiliates across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Africa and Brazil.

RBSA Advisors - vrc

Valuation Research Group (VRG) provides quality valuations and value-related services for the international business community, serving clients in more than 60 countries. Multinational engagements are managed locally by a single point-of-contact and executed by professionals located in respective countries. It has dozens of offices throughout continental Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as many throughout Brazil, China, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Australia and the United States.

Public Announcement & Tenders

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IBC Cases

Update on cases where we have acted as an IRP/RP/Liquidator

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Disinvestment and M&A

Updates on disinvestments & other M&A transactions

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Other Announcements


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