Succession Planning

Building a successful business takes years of hard work, sweat, determination and perseverance. Hence, it’s equally important to ensure that such business continues to run efficiently even when the baton has to be passed by key position-holders. The passing of baton could be either an inter-generation transfer or setting up of an independent management (viz., management different from its stakeholders). Either of these could be achieved through a process of Succession Planning.

Your Challenges

  • Are you looking for a dispute-free management succession – promoter vs. professional?
  • Are you looking to achieve transfer of control keeping family sentiments, growth and prosperity in perspective?
  • Are you looking to achieve Financial Planning for your wealth so as to achieve safety, security and well-being of your family?
  • Is your inheritance planning good enough from transaction costs perspective?

Our Support

Robust Planning from a Tax and Regulatory perspective

  • Understand the business and the existing holding and control structure
  • Key thrust on family requirements and Patriarch’s Wishlist
  • Develop Workable Options from a tax and regulatory perspective, that achieve the objectives basis brainstorming and detailed analysis – e.g. Trust vs. Will

Effective Implementation

  • Draw a Detailed Roadmap clearly defining the steps to be implemented along with timelines and responsibility matrix
  • Facilitate Smooth Implementation of the road map, including support on effective documentation and seeking requisite regulatory clarifications / approvals involved



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