Lenders & Independent Engineer

Lending institutions appoint Lenders’ Engineer (“LE”) to monitor & provide an independent review of the progress of the sanctioned projects. LE plays a key role in identifying and mitigating risks in sanctioned projects and to safeguard the interests of the lending institutions (banks/ financial institution/ investor). LE is required to visit the project site at regular intervals and to provide a complete assessment of project and to appraise the lending institutions about following:

  • Physical progress of the project activities
  • Comparison of estimated expense vis-à-vis actual cost incurred on project
  • To judge and report the quantum of finance actually being contributed and used on the project so as to avoid syphoning of fund
  • To check necessary approvals and its clearance
  • To verify the physical progress vis-à-vis project implementation schedule and its forecast on project timeline
  • To review the drawdown schedule

RSBA’s professionals possess the complete techno-commercial and financial management skill to provide the required insight into the lending and utilization process. We are regulary working as a Lender’s Engineer on behalf of financial institutions and Private equity funds.



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RBSA Advisors - Deepak Dadhich

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