Preparation of Resolution Plan

Resolution Plan is the basic document required by the prospective Resolution Applicants, who aspire to bid for the Corporate Debtor during resolution process. The Resolution Plan for IBC process are not only needs to be compliant with Section 30(2) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, it has also to comply to Request for Resolution Process (RFRP) besides having all the mandatory contents of the Resolution Plan in terms of the CIRP Regulations and the resolution plans outside the IBC process needs to be complied with the terms and conditions of any particular restructuring scheme.


A well thought and soundly drafted Resolution Plan is, therefore, critical to take care of the nuances and ensure that it is found to be eligible for consideration by the Committee of Creditors/Joint lender forum. A dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals of RBSA helps the prospective bidders in preparation of resolution plans. This includes providing technical inputs, guidance on commercial consideration besides legal and tax advisory so that the Resolution Plan has all the requisite information and meets the tests of feasibility and viability.



RBSA Advisors - Mitali Shah

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