Risk Based Internal Audits

Internal Audit

Need of internal audit is based on the legal provision u/s 138(1) of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 13 of Companies (Account) Rules, 2014; for CARO 2020 clause XIV or for any other internal purpose to bring effectiveness in internal controls, process, compliance, financial reporting and achieving efficiency

Project and Capex Audit

When the company is budgeting a huge expenditure having capital expenses in nature like business expansion/acquisition of an existing asset and/or upgrading the facilities etc. it is preferred to be done as a concurrent activity during project implementation tenure.

Concurrent Audit

It is recommended for the organizations who are looking for proactive mechanism to control the significant volume of relatively multifaced and intricate transactions.

Data Analytics

It is a natural and contemporary need in domain of risk advisory due to the huge size data generation and need to have holistic view based on 100% transaction rather than few samples and forming opinion about any system.




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