Our Founder

RBSA Advisors - founder

Late Shri Ramesh B. Shah

5th March, 1939 – 4th March, 2022

The enduring story of RBSA Advisors, as it is known today, began in 1971 with Late Mr. Ramesh B. Shah, our Founder Chairman, in then a princely but dusty small town, Jaipur.

Mr. Shah was born on 5th March 1939 as the fourth child to parents Mrs. Chanchalben and Mr. Bhagwanji Raichand Shah, a freedom fighter & social reformer. When Mr. Shah was born, his father was imprisoned by the British, while fighting for India’s Independence just prior to the Quit India movement. This was a humble, hardworking & middle-class family in a small town.

He completed Civil Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi in 1962 and joined Jaipur Metals & Electricals Ltd. as a work-shop engineer. Through his sheer hard work, sincerity, and focus, he managed to complete Mechanical Engineering and Graduation in Law even while working full time. Mr. Shah was mentored and introduced to, then the new profession of Valuation, by Mr. Kailash Nath Bhargava, an eminent retired Chief Engineer. He started exploring Valuation as an alternate profession while working full-time on the shop floor. He used to work two jobs – his day job was at the shop floor, but early mornings & evenings were devoted to Valuation.

Mr. Shah founded his individual Valuation practice, in his own home-attic-office, by buying a second-hand office table & chair.

The story of RBSA’s founding remains incomplete without mention of Late Mrs. Surekha Shah, founder’s better half & lifelong companion. She stood with him rock solid in all ups and downs. In initial years, she joined & assisted Mr. Shah in writing Valuation reports by her own hand as they could not even afford a typewriter then.

The 1970s were period of struggle, turmoil and slow growth for India. India had two wars in the 1960s, a war in 1971, political turmoil and emergency in 1975-77. The economy was struggling.

RBSA was born in tough times. That’s our legacy. That’s our DNA.

Mr. Shah took a liking to Valuation as a profession and ‘gave his all to it’. While his beginnings were very small and humble, his name and prestige as an eminent Valuation professional grew rapidly with every passing year. He differentiated himself and excelled with outstanding quality of Valuation services.

He gave birth to RBSA as we know it today.


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