Operational Turnaround Advisory and Financial Restructuring

Operational inefficiencies are the root cause for most companies in distress. Our team of experienced professionals identify these root causes of an enterprise’s deterioration and develop and implement solutions to address them. 

We focus on the following parameters for performance improvement

RBSA Advisors - Evaluation current Operational Gaps


Evaluation current Operational Gaps

(“GAP Analysis”)

RBSA Advisors - Industry positioning


Industry Positioning

RBSA Advisors - Sales and Marketing plans


Sales and Marketing plans, strategies for improving margins

RBSA Advisors - Integration and consolidation


Integration and Consolidation

RBSA Advisors - Productivity improvements


Productivity Improvements

RBSA Advisors - Product line rationalization


Product line Rationalization

RBSA Advisors - Business model refinement

Business model refinement from operation perspective



RBSA Advisors - Mitali Shah

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