RBSA Advisors We are a Registered Valuer Entity, a Recognized Insolvency Professional Entity and a SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banking Firm

Business Valuation

Companies seek business valuations for corporate governance, regulatory compliance or for management review as a critical input in decision making process. It may be planning a major acquisition, resolving a shareholder, or joint venture dispute, seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value.


Our valuation experts analyse the business dynamics and its key value drivers and draw on extensive experience and apply relevant valuation methodologies. We combine this with our deep sector knowledge and benchmarking analysis to offer value-added advice.

Your company may require valuation for:

RBSA Advisors - Valuation 9


Independent and objective advice, to determine the right price to pay or accept for a business

RBSA Advisors - Unlisted companies


Unlisted Companies, Businesses, Debt or Equity Instruments

RBSA Advisors - Advice for Joint Ventures


Advice for Joint Ventures/ Alliances on equity splits at formation or exit in an independent or advocate role

RBSA Advisors - Support for litigation


Support for Litigation or Arbitration, particularly, expert witness and adjudication work in Business Valuation Disputes

RBSA Advisors - Regulatory purposes


Regulatory purposes, including, Income Tax, Transfer Pricing, FEMA, SEBI and Company Law Matters

RBSA Advisors - Purchase Price Allocation


Purchase Price Allocation for Financial Reporting (Ind AS, IFRS or US GAAP) or for Income Tax purposes

RBSA Advisors - Impairment assessment


Impairment Assessment for Financial Reporting (Ind AS, IFRS or US GAAP)

RBSA Advisors - Complex valuations


Complex valuations including highly-leveraged Businesses and International projects

RBSA Advisors - Investment decision analysis


Investment decision analysis

RBSA Advisors - Fairness opinion


Fairness opinion on a transaction is to satisfy regulatory requirements or Corporate Governance concerns

RBSA Advisors - Intangible assets

Intangible assets and intellectual property such as brands trademarks, technical

know-how, customer relationships, intellectual property rights (IPR) for commercial, tax or regulatory (Ind AS/ IFRS / US GAAP ) purposes


Rajeev R Shah | CEO and Managing Director
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