Special Situations IB

RBSA focuses on delivering the maximum value to clients who are in complex, time-sensitive, and unpredictable circumstances, often caused by liquidity shortfalls, stakeholders’ unwillingness/inability to provide additional financing, deteriorated business performance, or changing economic scenarios. RBSA team works on both specialized CIRP cases, and other special situations.  In such cases, RBSA has been providing advisory to companies, insolvency professionals, banks/committee of creditors in terms of bringing specialized investors, lenders and financiers to provide appropriate resolution.  

RBSA with specialists from both M&A advisory and restructuring teams provides integrated M&A support across special situations and insolvent transactions.  We advise on formulation of transactions such as

One-time settlement (OTS) proposal to financial institutions

Sale of distressed businesses to strategic investors and buyout funds

Alternative feasible restructuring possibilities

Approach Summary

Identifying Companies with Financial Stress

Transaction Structuring

Preparing Investment Marketing Documents

Approaching Strategic Investors & Buyout/Credit Funds

Managing Due - Diligence Process

Obtaining Term Sheet

Documentation & Closure




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