Interim Finance/Refinance

When a business must undertake a turnaround or undergo a restructuring, understanding the M&A and debt options available is vital to preserving, enhancing, or realizing its value. RBSA can assist its clients on equity or debt raising, refinancing and debt restructuring. Companies need incremental capital to provide the necessary liquidity to revive its operations and implement the restructuring plans. RBSA is well connected with the leading financial institutions and investors in India and can assist its client in capital restructuring and raising incremental capital required to revive the business. 

We can offer you the following advisory services

RBSA Advisors - Raising incremental Capital


Raising incremental Capital

RBSA Advisors - Restructuring of existing debt


Restructuring of existing debt

RBSA Advisors - Restructuring of the

Restructuring of the existing financing including capital structures



RBSA Advisors - Mitali Shah

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