Project Appraisal and Monitoring

Project oriented work involves multiple complex processes, systems and mechanisms which demand constant evaluation and appraisal right from the conceptualization to delivery stage. Professional monitoring of projects, thus, is a basic requirement in ensuring that the things end up smoothly for such projects. Whether it’s a matter of costs, finances or management – projects need continuous monitoring to make them a viable proposition. Understanding the share of future viability in its industry, market conditions governing the quantum and its technical feasibility, identifying the source of financial means and efficiently managing the costs – all such know-how about a project enable professional consultancy services in this domain. We at RBSA have specialized proficiency in delivering following services:

  • Specialized commercial study of Industrial, infrastructure and service sector projects.
  • Examine and review the technical inputs, market analysis and market input of product and its future growth
  • Mathematical models to study the future viability under various scenarios
  • Study the revenue, expenses and means of finance
  • A comparative study of available technology, its cost and efficiency
  • Determinations of size of the project based on various parameters
  • Detail assessment of total cost and evaluation of optimal cost of the project



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RBSA Advisors - Deepak Dadhich

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