Corporate Restructuring

Any key decision-maker undertakes corporate restructuring to cope up with disruptive business challenges.

Your Challenges

  • Are you looking to restructure to enter a Joint-Venture / tie-up?
  • Are you looking to reorganize to build focus and / or divest non-core?
  • Are your wanting to restructure for achieving value consolidation?
  • Are you looking to simplify your multi-layered / cross-holding structure?
  • Are you looking to improve the Group’s ETR?
  • Are you wanting to efficiently reward your shareholders without negatively impacting the resources required for business?
  • Are you looking to restructure to make your corporate structure amenable to raise funds?
  • Are you looking to externalize to tap foreign markets – whether for business footprint, fund-raise or monetization opportunities?
  • Are you envisaging a Cross-Border M&A?
  • Is your current tax structure exposed to any material reputational risk?


An effective Corporate / Business Restructuring needs careful examination of multiple legislations / regulations such as Income tax, Stamp Duty, Indirect taxes, Exchange Control (if foreign investments / entities involved), Company Law, Securities Law (if involving a Listed Entity), Competition Law and Accounting.

How RBSA can help you in Restructuring?

Every Restructuring initiative calls for a tax and regulatory examination. We offer comprehensive support in helping you achieve your strategic goals by careful planning (viz., Conceptualization of available Options) and effective Implementation (viz., Building Road map and supporting in effective implementation of the preferred Option).

Group Restructuring

  • Business Re-alignment (focus on the core)
  • Value Consolidation (Structure capturing Operating Value)
  • Improvement of Control

  • Cross-Border Mergers

  • Value Unlocking (enhancing shareholders value)

  • Entity Rationalisation (unwinding multi-tier, cross-holding & complex structures)

  • Joint Venture – Tie-Ups

  • Optimising Group ETR

Financial Restructuring

  • Capital Structuring
  • Surplus cash Optimisation

  • Effective Fund-raise, including pre-IPO restructuring



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