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Financial, Commercial & Tax Due Diligence

We understand that acquiring or selling a business or an undertaking can be one of the most crucial and vital financial preposition that your business will undertake. Judgemental and/or assessment errors can cause havoc for your business. However, given the dynamic and the competitive environment that we live in today, there is a high risk of making errors, because of demand for speed in turnaround time, and/or limited resources at disposal, to handle the complexities of the buy/sale transaction.

We at RBSA, can work as part of your transaction team, right from initial strategic assessment through to the implementation of the transaction. Our focus is on helping you optimize your outcomes.

RBSA can assist you by assessing the potential value and risks associated with a transaction. We help you to identify key drivers, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performance. Our aim is to improve your negotiating position.

RBSA has the right team to work with you and our customised approach gives you access to high-quality, financial and commercial due diligence support, and taxation advice tailored to your specific needs.

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