The EV Industry in India - The Battery & The Charging Infrastructure

In continuation of the first report released on the EV Sector in India, entitled 'Powered by Power – The EV Industry in India', RBSA is delighted to present Part 2 of the 3 – part series. Here we concentrate on the heart of the EV, namely

the Battery and its lifeline, the Charging Infrastructure.

As per GOI estimates, India will need a minimum of 120 GWh of Li-Ion cells by 2030 and India's market for EV batteries alone could be worth as much as USD 300 billion from 2017 to 2030. This huge potential to turn into an actual reality will also largely depend on the Charging Infrastructure. Both must move in tandem. Recognising this and also to realise its 2030 mission on E-mobility in India, GOI has taken a number of initiatives and announced several incentives.

This Report briefly touches upon the exiting market for EV Batteries and the Charging Infrastructure in the Country along with a discussion on the key players involved and operating in this space. A brief discussion on Battery

Swapping is also a part of this Report along with a narrative on the GOI and State Governments incentives with particular reference to the Battery and Charging Infrastructure space.

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