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Independent Bid Evaluation of Restructuring Proposals

Evaluation of Resolution Plans, received pursuant to Request for Resolution Plan (RFRP), is very critical in order to ensure that the best compliant plan gets selected and approved by Committee of Creditors (CoC). RBSA’s dedicated expert team assists the CoC /Resolution Professional in evaluation of Resolution Plans to vet their compliance with the Code, CIRP Regulations and Request for Resolution Process (RFRP). Feasibility and viability of the various Resolution Plans is checked, and these are evaluated strictly in accordance with the Evaluation Matrix approved by the CoC and contained in the RFRP.

Various plans are evaluated and ranked in terms of quantitative and qualitative parameters and scores are assigned strictly as per the Evaluation Matrix. COC not only provides professional inputs on the areas/ points of negotiation with eligible Resolution Applicants (RAs) but is also helps in negotiating with RAs to maximize value for the stake holders in line with the objectives of IBC. It is ensured that the process followed is transparent and professional and all the deadlines are met.

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