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Valuation of Real Estate

Valuation of Real Estate really concerns with all species of legal interests arising out of Land and Building which are exchanged for money and therefore entails the phenomena of exchange, scarcity and choice that characterizes a ‘market’ in the economic sense of the term. Property is purchased both for use and investment; but in both the cases the purchaser measures the expected return or benefits to be received from the property against cost outlay.

RBSA provides a wide range of Real Estate Valuation and Consulting services to developers, investors, advisors and lenders seeking assistance with existing assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects and properties slated for disposition. We offer a comprehensive range of services to clients helping them make decisions in every sphere of real estate by considering all the factors as mentioned earlier. We boast of unparalleled experience and market knowledge in the local real estate market.

We were the very first Indian Valuation Consulting firm to get Accreditation under the SEBI Regulations for Real Estate Mutual Fund (REMF’s) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s).

Our senior management including our Chairman and our Managing Director are ‘Eminent Members’ of RICS (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK) in India while other Directors have also been elected as ‘Senior Professional Members’ of RICS, one of the most reputed organizations in Valuation of Real Estate across the world.

RBSA’s service offerings conform to international standards such as the IVS/IAS (International Valuation Standards and International Accounting Standards) as well as the RICS Guidelines.

RBSA has a vast experience in Valuation of Real Estate like

  • Residential and Commercial Property
  • Retail Spaces, Shopping Malls and Multiplexes
  • IT Parks
  • Hotel, Resort, Service Apartment and Hospitality Property
  • Industrial Units
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
  • Special-use property such as golf resorts, health spas, etc

Besides this, RBSA also provides following services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Highest & Best Use Studies
  • Opportunity Investment for Existing Sites
  • Market Research & Analysis of Potential Construction Sites
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Lease & Rental
  • Business planning exercises
  • Investment advice
  • Financial modeling and project structuring exercises
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