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Valuation of Brands, Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property

Brands and Intangible Assets are widely accepted to be the key drivers and contributors to the value and growth of businesses. However, despite their widespread acceptance that intangible assets and brands are critical to the future prospects of any business, they are traditionally considered to be complicated to measure in terms of ‘value’ and its ongoing management and communication.

Bankers, Investors, analysts and other stakeholders are getting increasingly alert to the importance and Valuation of Intangible Assets and are keen to bridge the information gap that has existed until recently. More and more bankers and financial institutions are now agreeing to securitize and fund against reputed brands and strong intangibles offered as collateral security.

Hence the financial role of intangibles has increasingly been recognized and their growing importance is reflected in the Valuation of Brands, Valuation of Intellectual Property and other intangibles adding to the bottom line.

Not only is there a compelling financial reason for more rigorous intangible asset management processes, the tax and accounting regimes are also demanding that numbers are allocated to intangible assets as part of accounting for acquisitions. And it doesn’t end there; the valuation of these Intangible assets and Valuation of Intellectual Property are required to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

RBSA has the expertise to help clients ascertain and assign the accurate value to their Intangible assets and Brand using approaches which are globally accepted and understood.

We also have a close working relationship with several local and international firms who can provide seamless legal services, brand building, design and marketing solutions to our clients making us a one stop shop for all brand and intangible asset related requirements.

Categories of Intangible Assets

  • Marketing related: Trademarks (Brands), trade names, service marks, newspaper, mastheads, internet domain names, non-competition agreements.
  • Contract-based intangible assets: Licensing and royalty agreements, advertising, construction, service or supply agreements, lease agreements, franchise agreements, employment contracts.
  • Technology-based intangible assets: Patented technology, computer software, unpatented technology (know-how), databases, trade secrets such as secret formulas, processes and recipes.
  • Customer-related intangible assets: Customer lists, order or production backlogs, customer contracts and customer relationships including non contractual relationships.
  • Artistic-related intangible assets: Plays, operas, ballets, books, magazines, newspapers, pictures, photographs.

Why value your intangible asset?

  • For balance sheet purposes
  • For mergers and acquisitions
  • For reporting under IFRS, US GAAP and Indian GAAP
  • Joint-venture negotiations (e.g. to prevent overpayment)
  • Investor relations
  • Licensing and Franchising (e.g. to set the right price)
  • Obtaining Finance
  • Bringing the importance of brands to the attention of the board
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