Turnaround Advisory and Business transformation

Turnaround Advisory and Business Transformation requires focus on both the macro and the micro economic factors affecting the business. Liquidity will be a lingering issue, and there will be strict timelines to implement the restructuring plans offered by government through various schemes. Given the adverse economic scenario and status of distress in the company,  our team of experienced professionals shall be a great value add to your team to develop and execute restructuring plans. We advise on every aspect of the process, from strategic direction to liquidity management to business plan development and implementation. Working with complex relationships, we help rebuild credibility and reassure creditors; that the company is taking steps to face its problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What we offer

Develop and implement Restructuring Plans


Support in Business Operations


Advising and rejig Business Plans

Enhancing profitability and driving operational efficiency


Liquidity Management


Engaging with Stakeholders and assist in approving of Resolution Plan




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