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Project Cost Investigations & Forensic Advisory

Every project and its individual tasks are accountable and every unit of cost spent on such a project is worth to be investigated keeping in mind possible inefficiencies and inaccuracies that may arise due to misrepresentation or manipulation of facts during representation of such costs to lenders, investors, regulatory agencies and all stakeholders of the cost incurred/ to be incurred in a project. Avoiding such uncomfortable scenarios needs a dedicated mechanism or a service that puts a tab on movement of costs into and within a project.

RBSA has a team of skilled professionals who can deliver such service by maintaining the needed discipline in mapping project costs through a process of thorough investigation and reporting. RBSA provides Litigation support, Business Disputes, Regulatory probes, Forensic data analytics, Fraud risk management, Investigations and forensic accounting, Licensing management and contract compliance, and regulatory compliance reviews.

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