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Business Valuation Services  in India
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Project Appraisal and Monitoring

RBSA specializes in project appraisal consultancy and has carried out various large scale transactions across several industries. Typically, RBSA carries out an end-to-end service of evaluating the financial position of the project, continuous monitoring, and detailed investigation of Project Costs.RBSA takes a 360 degree process in assisting clients and lenders in evaluation of overall project:

  • Specialized commercial study of Industrial, Infrastructure and Service Sector Projects.
  • Examine & Review the technical inputs, market analysis and marketing inputs of the products along with future growth and trends etc.
  • Prepare mathematical models to study the future viability of the projects under varying scenarios, including making detailed
  • Study of all the revenues, costs and possible means of financing the same etc.
  • A comparative study of technologies available and costs of the same and their efficacies.
  • Assist in determining the appropriate size of the project. RBSA looks into the size of the market, availability of alternate means of funding the project, capacity of the industry, as well as the current and future scenario of the industry.
  • Detailed investigation of the total costs involved in the project and evaluating for the optimal cost of the project.
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