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M&A Advisory

In a merger, two companies agree to combine their operations into a single entity and an acquisition entails an entity acquiring a controlling stake in another business or entity. The complexity of M&A transactions demands skilled and dedicated advisors who can recognize threats and prospects, and add value throughout the lifecycle of a deal. RBSA’s specialized expertise, broad resources, and intellectual capital provide integrated financial services and solutions for managing mergers & acquisitions.

On the “sell-side”, we represent sellers on an exclusive basis and manage the entire process of selling a company or one of its business units. We also represent companies which have received unsolicited merger proposals or have had discussions/negotiations with a third-parties.

We assist our clients by:

  • Preparing a detailed information memorandum, a brief information overview (teaser) and investor presentation
  • Preparing a financial model that captures historical and projected financial data
  • Determining the expected pricing range of the business from the seller’s perspective
  • Identifying and prioritizing potential buyers
  • Developing the appropriate transaction marketing strategy
  • Interacting with and soliciting interest from potential buyers
  • Evaluating offers received from potential buyers
  • Co-ordinating buyers due-diligence
  • Helping the seller in structuring and negotiating the transaction

On the “buy-side”, we represent buyers in acquiring a target business. The buyer may be an individual, a company or a private equity group. We may initiate the transaction by bringing the potential acquisition idea to the client or by assisting in completing a transaction where the client has an identified target or initiated discussion with potential targets.

We assist our clients by:

  • Rigorous prospect screening
  • Assisting in strategic analysis of a potential acquisition
  • Approaching target prospects
  • Pricing analysis of a target business
  • Analyzing the financial impact of the acquisition
  • Assisting with financial due-diligence through our due-diligence team or from a third party
  • Structuring and drafting the purchase proposal
  • Negotiating the terms of the purchase
  • Arranging acquisition finance if required by the buyers

In M&A, we assist clients to achieve their strategic and valuation goals by effectively understanding the terms & conditions of the transaction. Our dedicated team, with in-depth industry knowledge and sector-focused, conduct detailed analysis to provide valuable solutions and support in negotiating terms & conditions.

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