Industry Valuation Multiples Series 6th Edition

We are delighted to present the 6th Edition of our Report on 'Industry  wise Valuation Multiples'. These valuation multiples are based on the most recent financials (P&L and Balance Sheet) as of quarter ended December 2022 and stock market data as of March 2023.

The broader markets in India have been more or less flattish in the past 6 months. However, on a sector wise basis, we surely have seen fluctuations 

in valuation multiples in the recent past. 

For instance, (a) technology sector has been under the heat due to the upheavals been experienced in the western world and their valuation multiples have been under pressure. (b) new age companies’ multiples too have squeezed due to the funding freeze experienced in these companies.

    Industry Valuation Multiples Series 6th Edition

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