Industry Valuation Multiples Series 5th Edition

The past few months in the secondary capital markets in India have been kind of a roller-coaster ride. Broader Markets peaked at around 18000 points in the beginning of April 2022, it then hit a trough of 15300 points in June 2022 and is once again back to 18000 levels in August 2022.


Market Pandits always have reason(s) for every market movement. This time, the basis for the turnaround has been touted to have been caused by (1) the growing confidence about lower inflation in 2HFY23 and limited rate increases by RBI, (2) correction in commodity prices and (3) low risks of earnings downgrades given strong domestic economic revival and correction in input RM prices, (4) growing confidence of related low rate hikes by the US Fed. 

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