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Business Valuation Services  in India
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Financial Advisory for Dispute & Litigation

Litigation and complex business disputes are a growing risk for Corporations around the world today, potentially disrupting the business, creating reputational damage and leading to significant costs. Internal and external legal counsel play vital roles in such actions, but many other specialists – outside of a legal counsel’s typical scope – may also be needed to provide an Independent expert Opinion, which assists the Legal Counsel / Judiciary / Tribunals to take an informed decision. This is where Financial Advisors for Dispute & Litigation play a vital role.

RBSA’s Financial Advisory Practice for Dispute & Litigation
Our team of professionals advise clients and their legal counsel as they address challenging financial and economic aspects of today’s complex disputes. We seek to understand the unique aspects of each case and its underlying issues and facts to assist our clients determine an effective approach. We articulate our findings in an organized and persuasive manner, whether in the form of a written report or testimony in court as an Expert Witness & undergo effective cross examination, if necessary.

We identify and analyse Valuation, Economic, Financial, Business & Technical issues that are in dispute. We serve as Valuation consultants, Financial consultants, Independent Expert witnesses and Arbitrators. We support parties in negotiations and mediations and help clients resolve commercial disputes using our financial, technical, industry, data analytics and technological skills.

We apply the collective knowledge, experience and judgment gained over the past 48 years to support our client’s position in a case.

Our Services Include:

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