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Bid Advisory and Bid Process Management

Fairness and Transparency are the fundamental requirements of any competitive Bid Management Process for public institutions.
Today large financial institutions and private organizations, while undertaking transactions in a competitive environment, such as procurement through large EPC contracts, privatization, and asset sell off, etc., prefer to appoint an independent consultant to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability.
RBSA has noteworthy experience of assisting organizations in conducting the bidding process which includes the following:

  • Identifying skill requirements
  • Selection of suitable project participants
  • Preparation of bid document keeping in view major factors like Government Policies, Adherence to Corporate Governance, etc.
  • Evaluation of Bidders on the basis of the Technical and Financial Parameters
  • Assessing exhaustive bids on a common risk platform
  • Framing terms of contracts including tariffs
  • Negotiating matters like risk sharing (project contracts) with the winning bidder
  • We also advise Bidders on the intricacies of the Bid Process, on financial and competitive evaluation of the proposal and the Bid itself.
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