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Turnaround & Business Transformation Services

Business Turnaround and Transformation requires focus on both the macro and the micro economic factors affecting the business. Liquidity will be a lingering issue, and there will be strict timelines to implement restructuring plans.

Given the adverse economic scenario surrounding a distressed business, our team of experienced professionals shall be a great value add to your team to develop and execute restructuring plans. We advise on every aspect of the process, from strategic direction to liquidity management to business plan development and implementation. Working with complex relationships, we help rebuild credibility and reassure creditors that the company is taking steps to face its problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our professionals work with you to:

  • Develop and implement restructuring plans
  • Support in Business Operations
  • Advising and rejig business plans
  • Enhancing profitability and reducing cost
  • Liquidity Management
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • Support financial negotiations with suppliers of capital

Incremental Capital Financing

When a business must undertake a turnaround or undergo a restructuring, understanding the M&A and debt options available is vital to preserving, enhancing, or realizing its value. RBSA can assist its clients on equity or debt raising, refinancing & debt restructuring.

Companies need incremental capital to provide the necessary liquidity to revive its operations and implement the restructuring plans. RBSA is well connected with the leading financial institutions & investors in India and can assist its client in capital restructuring and raising incremental capital required to revive the business. We can offer you the following advisory services:

  • Raising incremental Capital
  • Deal structuring for raising incremental debt
  • Collateral assessment and negotiating deals for debt funding
  • Restructuring of the existing capital structures

Operational Performance Management

Operational inefficiencies are the root cause for most companies in distress. Our team of experienced professionals identify these root causes of an enterprise’s deterioration and develop and implement solutions to address them. We focus on the following parameters for performance improvement:

  • Evaluation current Operational Gaps (“GAP Analysis”)
  • Industry positioning
  • Sales and Marketing plans, strategies for improving margins
  • Integration and consolidation
  • Productivity improvements
  • Product line rationalization
  • Business model refinement

Working Capital Management

It is our key priority in the overall Turnround process to ensure that the Company is able to utilise its existing operational capabilities to the utmost optimum level. We implement our extensive expertise in working capital and liquidity management, so as to extend the company’s liquidity runway and to facilitate rapid improvements to the company’s financial health. We can offer you the following advisory services for Working Capital Management:

  • Cash flow monitoring and forecasting
  • Identify potentials liquidity improvement opportunities
  • Process optimisation throughout the entire end-to-end working capital cycles
  • Evaluate opportunities of Supply Chain Finance programmes, advisory on design and rollout
  • Accounts receivable and credit management
  • Accounts payable and vendor management
  • Inventory turnover and SKU management
  • Identification and improvement of commercial terms
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