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Our expertise

Our expertise includes transaction support by performing financial and tax due diligence and technical due diligence for inbound and outbound transactions:

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions

Private Equity (PE) transactions

Debt transactions

Transactions under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC)

Our purpose is to assist clients

Assess potential values and risks associated with a transaction

Create value in terms of identifying key deal drivers, synergies, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performance of the business

Improve negotiating position and identify risks in the transaction to enable to take an informed decision with confidence

We have deep sector / industry understanding and local market knowledge with focussed Transaction Services team. We provide attention to your needs with high level of senior personnel involvement. Our integrated deal advisory service offerings provide best possible advice to our clients in the timely manner.

Our technical experts have experience of verifying technical and physical aspects of a project and can help safeguard client’s potential investment by identifying and mitigating risks.

RBSA places emphasis on adapting to, and respecting a client's management culture, as we have found this to be a key element in ensuring that clients receive the service, which they want. This would be central to our provision of services to you.

Our approach to the due diligence

  • We perform independent and impartial due diligence reviews
  • We have differentiated approaches for buy side & closing due diligences and vendor assistance & vendor due diligences for M&A, strategic and private equity transactions
  • Our style is to have open, proactive and frequent interaction with our clients to discuss all material issues as they affect the transaction. Regular, open and informal communication helps to deal with issues before they become problems and ensure that there are no surprises
  • We bring in our expertise in M&A / PE transactions coupled with our understanding of the due diligence issues in providing inputs on the transaction agreements and assist the clients in their negotiation
  • We bring in integrated approach by involving relevant transaction tax, valuation, technical and business experts in the transaction

Our deliverables

Our reports are concise, and issues focused

We highlight the financial, tax, operational and strategic aspects impacting the transaction

We perform detailed financial and operation analyses, yielding in depth picture of the business operations, key business drivers, KPIs and factual commentaries on the state of the affairs of the business

We focus on the issues that affect investment risks and return, such as:

  • Quality of earnings / normalized earnings / sustainable EBIDTA level
  • Potential standalone costs of the business after the carve-out, in case of a carve-out transaction
  • Net assets adjustments
  • Cash flows
  • Related party transactions
  • Contingent liabilities and capital commitments impacting valuation
  • Direct and indirect taxes (tax) impacting valuation, pending tax assessments, litigations and any tax leakages
  • Potential impact on transaction agreements
  • Representations, indemnities and warranties
  • Inputs to assess assumptions in business model / projections
  • Go forward issues

We help our clients who want to “acquire / invest in” business achieve quantifiable benefits:

  • Early identification of potential deal issues and their way forward
  • Issues that provide direct adjustments, negotiating points and significant modification to proposed valuation
  • Material modifications to transaction agreements
  • Materially improved client’s initial deal structure and optimal transaction structure

We help our clients who want to “sell” their business achieve quantifiable benefits:

  • Identifying potential deal issues impacting valuation and highlighting them in the early stages
  • Proactively providing solutions to issues and acquainting the vendors / sellers with best practices
  • Materially improved initial deal structure and optimal transaction structure
  • Giving constructive feedback regarding accounting best practices
  • Factual confirmations with the management of Company to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Opportunity to review and address concerns in the form of management comments
  • Ensure security of information and maintain confidentiality of information
  • Buyers get an independent and impartial due diligence review
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