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Deal Tax Advisory - Strategic Transactions

Every Investment, Divestment or Joint Venture transaction calls for a reasonable assessment of historical, current and potential tax risks in the Target. A timely assessment of these risks, coupled with identification of potential opportunities (viz., hidden reserves) lying in the Target, go a long way in arriving at the real value of a Transaction. We follow these value-oriented principles irrespective of the transaction being Buy-side or Sell-side, Domestic or Cross-Border, Strategic or Financial or Share vs. Asset Deal.

Your Challenges

  • Are your looking to acquire or sell a company or a business?
  • Have you examined if Target has any historic tax exposure posing reputational risks?
  • Have you identified any hidden unexplored value that can be tapped going forward?
  • Do you have an efficient and compliant Acquisition or Divestment Structure?
  • Are you adequately protected from Historic Risks?
  • Do you have an efficient Post-Deal Integration Strategy?

Our Support

Tax Due Diligence Determining Key Risks with a well-researched point of view; Suggestions on Protection Measures
Tax Structuring Effective Tax Strategy vis-à-vis the Transaction Structure, the Investment Structure and the Funding & Capital Structure
Inputs on Financial Model Ensures that tax impact on transaction is adequately captured in the valuation
Tax Negotiation Support/Deal Documentation Value-add facilitating risk mitigation measures and ensuring effective documentatation
Post Deal Integration Effective Integration of the Acquired Target
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